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On the RECORD!

  WRITTEN BY WASP from 1943 to 2002 "in their own words!"

At Twilight's Last Gleaming by WAF Cornelia Fort  July, 1943 scanned from the 'Woman's Home Companion.  This article is wonderful and was written during WWII!
"We Also Served"  by WASP Doris Brinker Tanner  The best summary article on the WASP written by a WASP and former history professor at the University of Tennessee.  Reprinted from the November 1985 issue of "American History Illustrated"
b An Opportunity of a Lifetime by WASP Marie Mountain Clark. Wonderful article from the Michigan History Magazine, published in 2000
"They've Done It Again" by WASP Marjorie Kumler, scanned from the original article from Ladies Home Journal, March, 1944.
Extending the Wings of War  by WASP Marion S. Hodgson,  reprinted from FORT WORTH MAGAZINE, January 1989 about a group of Texas WASP.
History of the WASP Uniform by WASP Deanie Parrish, 2006


The Long Flight Home by WASP Ann Darr, 1997
Guilt Stings WASP by Marjorie Rees, 1993  reprinted from "Women In Aviation" magazine  January-February, 1993


Army Check Rides   one WASP' perspective--terrific excerpt from "Winning My Wings" by WASP Marion Hodgson


Women of the WASP by WASP Dora Dougherty Strother (1991)


WWII Rationing  from WASP Marion Stegemen Hodgson  reprinted from her book, WINNING MY WINGS


A Brief History of the WASP (script) by WASP Deanie and Nancy Parrish--good overall very short history of the WASP

Written about the WASP
b "Above and Beyond with Flying Colors--The Women Airforce Service Pilots" by Nancy Parrish--USAF FOUNDING CENTINNENAL & 60th ANNIVERSARY
b "Flying High" The true story of a Woman Airforce Service Pilot who knew she wanted to fly when she was seven. Scaned article by Margaret Clevenger about the live of WASP Shutsy Reynolds. PENNSYLVANIA Magazine, Nov/Dec. 2007
b "Wingtip to Wingtip: Women in Aviation and the WASP of WWII" by Nancy Parrish

"A Singular Woman" -- terrific article on WASP Gloria Heath, WASP 44-5, aerospace scientist and aviation safety pioneer. Written by John Briggs and reprinted from July/August 1999 'GREENWICH' Magazine

"In the Pink" by Melinda Pradarelli   GREAT ARTICLE ON WASP SUE PARISH!  "Previously published in "Aviation for Women" magazine, (September/October 1999), the official publication of Women in Aviation, International, a networking organization for women involved in all aspects of the aviation industry."
b CONGRESSIONAL RECORD: Hon. Steve Isarel's remarks on the WASP--Nov. 7, 2003

Valor by John L. Frisbee, Airforce Magazine, November, 1995

Zoot Suits, Parachutes, and Wings of Silver, Too by Shelia Henderson, 1988

The WASPs" by Bruce D.Callander--a link to the Air Force Magazine, article appeared April, 2001

Memorial Day by Julia Lauria Blum

Memories of Other Times and Other Places
A young girls memories of Sweetwater, Avenger Field, and the WASPS

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