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This is  "Fifinella" Patch
aka 'Fifi'--

AAFFTD stands for Army Air Force Flying Training Detachment.

and here she is with the 
Walt Disney signature and


Always include the copyright, continuing to thank Mr. Disney & Company!

This official mascot was designed by Walt Disney for a proposed film (from  Roahl Dahl's book, "The Gremlins".   During WWII,  the WASP asked for permission to use her as the official mascot and the Disney Company generously agreed.   Official Fifinella 'went to war' and was worn in the form of  patches.  Some were leather, some were cloth...worn on WASP flight jackets.

This ORIGINAL patch is also pictured on Deanie's flight jacket.

here's another version--download the  8x10 free pdf!

Original drawings from Roald Dahl's book, "The Gremlins"  These pictures are from the
Roald Dahl Fan site: http://www.roalddahlfans.com

 all copyrights for use of this little gremlin are held by The  WALT DISNEY COMPANY.