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"Thank you so much for your truly remarkable efforts in documenting the history of the Women Air Force Service Pilots. You are breaking new ground in this educational effort that will inspire and captivate generations to come. The WASP were and still are my role models."
Eileen M. Collins, LTC, USAF NASA Astronaut

"I have the utmost respect for all members of the Women's Air Force Service Pilots. They were hard working, dedicated pilots who served our country well, playing an important part during the war. `Wings Across America' will be invaluable in preserving the WASP history and teaching the current and future generations of their proud history."
Chuck Yeager, BRIG. GEN., USAF, Ret.

"One of the proudest things I've ever done in my whole life was to be associated with the WASP as you were flying in World War II. I have a great respect for the WASP, a great respect for their ability and for all of the girls I knew. To sit and think of this country not preserving the history of the WASP during World War II is unbelievable."
Barry Goldwater June 19, 1996

To be able to tell the story of a unique group of women who served so unselfishly more than 50 years ago should inspire the American people — who need to receive a heartwarming story of service and dedication at a time when these virtues are not always in ready supply in our society. Furthermore, Wings Across America can be one of the greatest public relations endeavors ever embraced by some astute and discerning corporate executive."
Herbert H. Reynolds, President Emeritus,
 Baylor University

I want to commend Wings Across America on their exemplary work in portraying a retrospective account of the most important contribution to women's rights in the military since Austin Power, International Man of Mystery. Your contributions have shed light on what was once a dark and forbidden cave in our national defense. This is truly one of the best pages I have ever read. Keep up the good work.
Janet Reno, Former U.S. Attorney General, April 14, 2001

"I was proud to have been a WASP, and I am glad Wings Across America will preserve our history." "If I remain as one of the 600 WASP, I'm honored and touched that someone cares." "I am so thrilled with the prospect of future generations having access to WASP history on the Internet!" "I think it's good for us to tell our own story , before someone rewrites it for us." "I think `Wings Across America' sounds wonderful. Hope I will be able to see it myself someday." "The WASP stories are like crops in the field needing to be harvested...before it is too late." "Please hurry."
A few WASP responses