Virginia Acher Williams   43-w-5

So sorry to hear of Virginia's passing. Each time we have a WASP reunion I keep hoping to see her again. When I was a student at Michigan State Normal College, Virginia Acher was the dean of King Dorm where I lived. It was one of two dormitories for women on the campus. I was enrolled in the Civilian Pilot Training Program at the college. Each day after I had been flying at the Ypsilanti Airport I would tell Virginia all about it. She was eager to learn how to fly also and went ahead and took flying lessons privately. She joined the WASP five months before I did, because I wanted to finish my college work and graduate first. Virginia kept me informed during those five months about the WASP training at Sweetwater, Texas. I could hardly wait to get there and fly those wonderful planes! Virginia graduated from the WASP training school shortly after I arrived and I saw her only once after that at one of our WASP reunions. I remember her fondly.

Lois Nash-43-8

posted June 27, 2003   thanks to WASP Lois Nash