Nadja "Gadget" Gadowski Kostuk 44-w-1t
June 6, 2003
Sadly, Nadja (Gadowski) Kostuk "closed her flight plan" today about 1615 hrs [EDT], in Bristol, CT.   As she wished, her son Ken was by her side ..... gratefully she hung on long enough to witness his wedding in April, as well as mark her 86th birthday on May 14.
She described our friendship as 'sisters under the skin' .... I'm a corporate pilot ..... and despite our differences in age, I can't think of a better person to have had the pleasure of knowing.  She had the spunk, guts and unselfishness that I've heard describe so many WASP - not at all surprised at her accomplishment.  Most importantly - she lived life, true to herself and her values.....may God grant her the peace and freedom she so richly deserves.
Gadget, you'll be missed ..... but never forgotten - at least now you'll always be "shiny side up"!
Sheila Murchan,  Trumbull, CT