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(Tune: "Buckle Down Winsocki")

Buckle down, Fifinella, buckle down,
You can win, Fifinella, if you'll buckle down,
You can really fly, if you'll only try,
Take it way up high and bring it down.

Six to go, Fifinella, don't be slow,

Stay an eager beaver, you'll be in the show.
Don't get in a spin, take it on the chin,
And you're bound to win, If you will only buckle down.

If you fight, your luck will not retreat,

If you work, you'll overcome defeat,
Buckle down, Fifinella, buckle down,

Don't you frown, Fifinella, You'll get off the ground,
We'll count every day and we'll make it pay,
For we're here to stay,

Because we're gonna buckle down!

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