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  • 1. The diamond shape is in the symbol of a LOZENGE. In the days of heraldry, this symbolized 'WOMAN." You can find this reference on the WINGS page.

  • 2. There were 25,000 women who applied for the WASP program.  Of that number, 1,800 were accepted for training, and only 1,074 completed their training and earned their silver wings.

  • 3. WASP flew 60,000,000 (million) miles in every type aircraft and on every type mission the male Air Force pilots flew--except combat.

  • 4. The 'father' of the USAF was General Henry H. (Hap) Arnold

  • 5. WASP were disbanded in 1944, their militarization bill voted down by the U.S. Congress. Veteran status did not come until 1977.

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